Everyone longs for peak experiences. Those experiences where we feel uplifted, whole, exhilarated, enthusiastic. Peak experiences can be sourced from an astounding variety of places: meditating, rock climbing, surfing, making music, hearing music, dance, art, writing, pets, and oh so many others.

Yet, because of the way our brains develop imprints, we are often only being intoxicated by a few possible sources as we become habituated. And, sometimes we develop short cuts for the feeling of intoxication through substances or behavior that once they become habits, they easily slide into being the kind of craving and grasping attachment we label as addiction.

As they say, if you don’t use it you lose it. Think about where you can draw on for your feeling of intoxication. Multiple choices can help prevent falling into rigid patterns of habituation that may be in your way, blocking feelings of aliveness, joy, contentment, and freedom (just to name a few)!