Therapy for Change in Changing Times

Relationships are complex and life can be difficult. amy barton-cayton psychotherapy santa cruz california therapist therapy soquel This is an extraordinary time, one in which we find our personal healing and growth to be interwoven with the well being of our world. It is a time of evolution, from fight or flight or freeze to full-hearted presence and creative response and action. As a counselor, my deepest wish and daily work is to join with my clients as they move through challenges to the wholeness always present in each person. Counseling, psychotherapy, and coaching can provide help during times of crisis and growth. They are ways of coping with the concerns of adult life: spirituality, life transitions, shame, self-esteem, codependency , addiction, eating disorders, chronic illness, grief, childhood abuse, and the fundamental concern of how to be happy.

I hope this website provides you with a clear sense of who I am as a therapist and how I work with clients. Please feel free to call with additional questions. We offer an introductory consulting session at no charge so that you may better know whether this is the right therapy setting for you.

“The way to solve problems in your life
is to open your heart and to think differently.”
-Lama Zopa Rinpoche


“My insurance would only allow me to see certain therapists, after plowing through 3, I finally knew I had to look elsewhere. I found Amy! Her deep and detailed knowledge of her field helped me achieve a new beginning. I value Amy and her ability to gently lead me through the mind-fields of life. I would go to no other therapist.”

“I was just out of treatment for codependency, alcoholism and sexual abuse, and Amy was recommended to me for psychotherapy. She believed me about my past. She let me cry, write, and read aloud. She looked at my art work, and believed in it. She got underneath that part of me I wouldn’t let out or show anyone. She has that unconditional love.”

“I was referred to Amy Barton-Cayton in 1988 at age 22 by an employee assistance program counselor who said she knew the perfect person for my therapy, both individual and couples. Looking back, I can see that Amy’s help with my personal and professional life set the stage for who I would become throughout my adult years. Her intuition is finely tuned, divinely inspired, and uniquely guided. Because of this, I recovered my authentic self. Her gifts as a therapist are unparalleled. And the gifts of her work with me have stayed with me all these years.”